Maine Agri-Women was organized April 1992 in Aroostook, which is Maine’s largest, most northerly county. Alarmed by the deteriorating image of agriculture here in Maine, we felt the need to unite and promote agricultural awareness.
We are working with all facets of agriculture, from the blueberry grower to our potato famer; from our legislature to our classrooms.

Maine Agri-Women is an affiliate of American Agri-Women. AAW is the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women with over fifty state, commodity and agribusiness affiliate organizations throughout the country. It is an all volunteer organization, working to advocate for agriculture since 1974.


What We Do

• We provide educational and promotional opportunities to inform others of the importance of agriculture to the economy and to the environment.
• We support and encourage research that benefits agriculture.
• We organize Health and Safety programs.
• We speak to groups, T.V and radio stations communicating our message.
• We keep current on issues dealing with pesticides, pollution, farm labor, land use, farm safety, rules and regulations, legislation and research.
• We support our local FFA students and youth organizations.
• We offer annual scholarships for local graduating seniors with agriculture interests/connections.

Who Needs Agriculture?

1. The CONSUMER who depends on quality, variety, and supply any time of the year.
2. The TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY involved in getting the product to market.
3. The BUSINESS INDUSTRY from the very small to our large corporations.
4. The UNDERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES who need our technology & our food.
5. EVERYONE who eats, wears clothing and travels to work.

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